WCDT tours are full on inspirational, educational and motivational experiences.

Why choose WCDT?

WCDT tours are not your average dance tour. They are full on inspirational, educational and motivational experiences which catapult dancers into an uplifting arena of self confidence, self belief and personal development.

We integrate personal development sessions throughout our tours which work to increase dancers mindset, outlook and sense of self. Dancers leave our tours completely inspired and excited to make the most of their lives! With a new found personal power and passion, knowing they can be, do and have anything they want, our tours actually will change your life…..

How does the application process work?

  1. Dancers, Chaperones and Family Members apply online by clicking the APPLY NOW button.
  2. WCDT will review your application and notify you of your acceptance.
  3. If accepted, WCDT will send you a TOUR AGREEMENT and INFO BOOKLET.
  4. You must read, sign and return the TOUR AGREEMENT with your TOUR DEPOSIT to be confirmed on tour.

How do I increase my chance of being accepted?

We have a limited number of places per tour. Tour places are allocated on a ‘first in, first served basis’. There are a number of factors we consider when accepting dancers, chaperones & Family members for each tour. They include availability, dance experience, chaperone experience and the answer to “why would you be a suitable tour participant’.

How many people do you take on each tour?

WCDT takes TWO TEAMS PER TOUR. The maximum tour size in 56 people. Each team generally consists of 28 people including dancers, chaperones and family members. You will make new friends for life!

Can I join the tour as a parent Chaperone?

Yes. We take a select number of parent chaperones per tour. Please complete the application form and select ‘Chaperone’. Chaperones must be 28 years or older.

What is the required Chaperones to Dancer ratio?

The required Chaperone to Dancer ratio per team is 1:3-5.

What is the age range of dancers on tour?

The average age range for dancers on tour is between 12 – 23 years old.

Dancers traveling with their Dance Studio must be 12 years and over at the time of travel. We highly recommend parents of dancers aged 12 – 14 accompany their child on tour as a chaperone.

Dancers traveling as part of a WCDT Open Team (individual dancers coming together to form a team) must 15 years and over at the time of travel unless accompanied by a parent chaperone (in which case they may be 12 years and over).

Dancers for the ELITE L.A. & New York Tour must be 18 years and over at the time of travel.

Women’s South America Tour is designed for women 40+.

Do I need a VISA to enter the USA?

To enter the USA all dancers, chaperones and family members will require a visa. Some countries are part of the 90-day Visa Waiver Program (namely New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom). To apply you will need a valid passport and credit card. The fee is $14.00 USD and will remain valid for 2 years. You can apply online here: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/. Other countries will require a B1/B2 Tourist Visa.

All visa requirements and how to obtain a visa will be discussed in further detail with confirmed tour participants.

Can I extend my stay in the USA?

Yes. If you want to stay on after the tour go for it! We can arrange a different return flight home for you. You must be 18 or over to stay on without a parent chaperone.

How do I keep up to date on what is happening on tour?

WCDT share the days happenings with parents back at home via Social Media. Each day we post pictures and info on what fabulous things we got up to that day! To follow our tours please

Follow us on  Facebook Instagram & Twitter

How can my child keep in touch with me while on tour?

At all of our wonderful accommodations everyone has access to free internet. We recommend bringing a device on tour so that you can Skype home, it is free and easy.

Alternatively you can bring your cell phone and go on roaming or purchase a local SIM card, or simply use Facebook & email.

Can I speak with someone who has previously been on a tour?

Yes! Of course. We have a number of dancer, chaperone and studio owner testimonials on the Testimonials page. However if you would like to chat with a Chaperone or Studio Owner who has previously toured with us please email us at office@worldclassdancetours.com and we will put you in touch.